What To Expect

My horses and I work together to help women discover their own truth and path to live life with unbridled passion. These sessions are experiential and powerful.


How many sessions will I need?

Each person is unique and there’s no way to know in advance how many sessions someone will need. However, with Equine Gestalt Coaching sessions, finishing the unfinished business means that you don’t have to keep getting stuck in the same place. Most clients find that the Equine Gestalt Coaching sessions are profoundly powerful. We typically don’t recommend more than 2 equine sessions per month to allow time for your mind and body to integrate the discoveries of each session.

Is this therapy?

No. Equine Gestalt Coaching is a co-active style of coaching that helps you discover the answers you already hold inside you.  I do have colleagues who are therapists and psychologists that I refer to as needed for mental health support for my clients.

Can I do just the phone coaching?

Unfortunately at this time phone and virtual coaching sessions are reserved for equine coaching clients to help further the work they do in their equine sessions.

I’m not a coaching client- can I still sign up for a retreat or group?

Absolutely!! I would love to have you join us for the experience of a coaching retreat or any of our group sessions- we do ask participants to commit to at least 6 weeks of group sessions to help preserve the continuity of the group sessions and for 2 weeks notice prior to leaving the groups.

What is Dream Theater?

These are interactive sessions to delve into the meaning of your dreams- each session will involve exploring 2-3 dreams of the participants to help them discover the hidden message from their subconscious! The more the merrier for these groups!

Do you only work with women?

No. While my focus area is helping women reconnect with their sensuality, as the only certified Equine Gestaltist in Kentucky, my horses and I are here to help all people who need it. Through our existing programs we have helped teens with anxiety, veterans with depression and PTSD, people struggling with grief and loss, and health care providers suffering from burnout. In addition, we partner with the PTSD Relief Project to provide programs at reduced or no cost to those with PTSD. The Equine Gestalt Sessions are helping us work with others at a deeper level.

I booked an equine session- now what??

Yay!! You did it! Take a deep breath and know that our staff will be reaching out to you to finalize the details for your session. On the day of your session please remember:

  • Wear clothes that can get dirty- yes our horses get groomed but they are horses and it is a barn…
  • Sturdy closed toe shoes are must- boots of some kind are even better but if you forget and wear your flip flops or unsuitable footwear (very thin cloth, etc) I will be unable to allow you do be on the same side of the fence as the horses- their toes (hooves) are very hard- yours are not- this is not negotiable. They can still do their job over the fence and your safety is my priority!
  • Bring layers- Kentucky weather can be inconsistent- as they say in Norway- there is no such thing as bad weather- only wrong clothing!  
  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time- if you are late your session will still end at the scheduled time.


Non Equine Group


Per Person, Per Week 2 hours *

EGCM Group


Per Person, Per Week 2 Hours *

Private EGCM


2 -3 Hours

  • Groups are billed on a subscription basis, we ask for 2 weeks notice before leaving the group.
  • Phone coaching: custom pricing depending on needs of the client