About EGC

What is the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method ®?

The EGC Method ®  is a co-active style of coaching where the human and equine coach work together to help their human clients develop a more complete understanding of themselves and achieve their goals. Rather than providing solutions, the EGC Method ® is focused on helping clients access their internal innate wisdom. The EGC Method ® is unique in that the equine coaches are free to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings; offer their skills as energy healers and actively support human clients on their journey of self discovery. 

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® was developed by Melisa Pearce, a core founder since 1989, of the horse-human healing movement. The experiential nature of the method involves the horse as an active partner with the coach in the client’s exploratory process. The integrative approach of the equine’s interaction combined with positive coaching, somatic awareness guidance and Gestalt methodology, assists the client in examining their life and choices made with a focus on designing a positive future.